BJP’s Amit Malviya Files ₹10 Cr Defamation Suit Against RSS Member Over ‘Sexual Exploitation’ Charges

New Delhi: BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya has filed a defamation lawsuit against Santanu Sinha, an RSS member, demanding Rs 10 crore in damages. This legal action follows allegations by Sinha accusing Malviya of sexual exploitation of women. The defamation notice, issued on Monday, calls for the removal of Sinha’s “false and derogatory” social media post.

“The nature of allegations are extremely offensive in as much as they falsely allege sexual misconduct purportedly committed by my client. The same is fatally injurious to the dignity and reputation of my client who, by virtue of his professional profile, is a public figure,” the notice states.

Sinha’s post alleges that Malviya harassed women during his stay in West Bengal, a claim that has intensified scrutiny on the BJP IT cell chief. In response, the Congress party has called for immediate action against Malviya, stressing the need for justice for the alleged victims.

Congress leader Supriya Shrinate highlighted the gravity of the situation, pointing out that the accusations emerged shortly after PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony. She demanded Malviya’s removal from his influential position to ensure a fair investigation.

“An unbiased investigation is unfeasible unless Malviya steps down. Today, we demand his immediate removal to uphold justice for women,” Shrinate stated.

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