China’s Ex-Foreign Minister Sacked for Extramarital Affair in US: Report

China’s former Foreign Minister Qin Gang was ousted from his position in July, because of an extramarital affair which he allegedly had while he was posted as ambassador to the United States, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. As per the report, a child was born out of this extramarital affair.

Quoting people familiar with the happenings, the Wall Street Journal report stated that Qin was cooperating with the investigation continuing against him.

The Chinese government authorities are investigating whether the affair or Qin’s conduct as ambassador in the US had compromised China’s national security.

Senior Chinese officials were told that an internal Communist Party investigation found Qin engaged in the extramarital affair throughout his tenure in the US.

Two sources informed the Wall Street Journal that Qin’s extramarital affair resulted in the birth of a child in the US.

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