Congress Appoints Devender Yadav As Interim Chief Of Delhi Unit Amidst Factional Feud

New Delhi: Former MLA Devender Yadav has been appointed as the interim president of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC), succeeding Arvinder Singh Lovely who resigned from the position citing disagreements over the party’s alliance with AAP and the selection of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Yadav, a seasoned politician who previously represented the Badli assembly constituency, will take over the DPCC leadership while continuing his role as the AICC in-charge for Punjab. His appointment comes amidst preparations for the May 25 elections to Delhi’s seven Lok Sabha seats.

The resignation of Arvinder Singh Lovely shed light on internal discord within the Delhi Congress, with disagreements over strategic decisions and candidate selections. Despite opposition from some party members, the high command proceeded with the alliance with AAP, leading to Lovely’s resignation.

Deepak Babaria, the AICC Delhi in-charge, faced calls for removal amid the controversy. However, he maintained that Lovely’s resignation would not deter the party’s electoral prospects.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was quick to criticize the AAP-Congress alliance, labelling it as “unnatural” and alleging ulterior motives, including the suppression of corruption allegations. Lovely’s resignation draws parallels to his previous departure from the DPCC presidency in 2015, although he later reconciled with the Congress after a brief stint with the BJP.

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