Don’t Use Sugar-Free Sweeteners for Weight Loss: WHO


The World Health Organization (WHO) is of the opinion that non-sugar sweeteners should not be used to control body weight as studies suggest that the use of non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) has no long-term benefit in reducing body fat in adults or children.

The WHO findings also add that long-term use of NSS can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and mortality in adults.

“People should reduce the sweetness of the diet altogether, starting early in life, to improve their health,” said Francesco Branca, WHO Director for Nutrition and Food Safety in a statement.

People with diabetes can use all synthetic and naturally occurring or modified non-nutritive sweeteners that are not classified as sugars.

The WHO guideline does not apply to personal care and hygiene products containing NSS, such as toothpaste, skin cream, and medications, or to low-calorie sugars and sugar alcohols (polyols), which are sugars or sugar derivatives containing calories and are therefore not considered NSS, according to the WHO.

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