First Message Sent by Odia Labourer Stranded in Collapsed Uttarakhand Tunnel

Bhubaneswar: Dhiren Nayak, one of the five Odia labourers stranded in the under-construction collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand, sent out a message on Thursday.

Dhiren, from Mayurbhanj district, sent an audio message to his family. In this message, Dhiren informed that all the 40 workers trapped in the tunnel were safe.

Communicating with one of his relatives through a pipe, Dhiren reportedly informed that almost all stranded workers were well but some of them were slightly more worried.

“Our confidence is high. We are well here. We will be recording a video message, which will be sent soon,” he said, in this first message from the tunnel.

Dhiren requested his relative to record his message conveyed through the pipe and pass it on to his family to provide proof that he was alright.

The five Odia workers who are trapped inside the tunnel are Biseshwar Nayak and Raju Nayak from Mayurbhanj, Tapan Mandal and Bhagban Batra from Nabarangpur and Dhiren from Kuldiha.

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