Israel Sets 3-Hour Deadline for Gaza Civilians as All-Out Ground Attack Looms

Jerusalem: The Israeli military has established a secure corridor in northern Gaza to facilitate the movement of residents to the safer southern part of the territory. In a public announcement, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) assured that they would not conduct any operations along this corridor between 10 AM and 1 PM.

Residents of Gaza City and northern Gaza have been encouraged to relocate to the southern area for their safety. The IDF emphasized the importance of residents following their instructions and moving southward during the specified time frame. They also mentioned that the safety of Gaza residents and their families is a top priority.

Earlier today, the Israeli military released photos alleging that Hamas was preventing people from moving to southern Gaza, accusing them of using human shields. According to Israel’s former national security adviser, Eyal Hulata, Hamas is intentionally keeping people in areas vulnerable to Israeli airstrikes.

In response to the recent escalation, Israeli forces have been preparing for a potential ground invasion of Gaza with the goal of neutralizing Hamas, the group responsible for a significant terror attack that claimed the lives of over 1,300 Israelis. In the past eight days, Israel has conducted a substantial bombing campaign, resulting in casualties exceeding 2,300 in Gaza. Entire city blocks in Gaza lie in ruins, and hospitals are overwhelmed with thousands of wounded individuals, raising concerns about the ongoing situation.

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