Hindujas Deny Imprisonment, Claim Swiss Court Dismissed Human Trafficking Charges

Four members of the Hinduja family, including Prakash Hinduja, 78, his wife Kamal Hinduja, 75, and their son Ajay Hinduja, 56, and his wife Namrata, 50, have issued a statement denying reports of their imprisonment and conviction on charges of exploiting domestic staff.

The statement, released by a spokesperson for the Hinduja family, clarified that none of the family members have been imprisoned or sentenced.

“The four Swiss-national members of the Hinduja Family, Kamal and Prakash Hinduja, Namrata and Ajay Hinduja, have not been subjected to any imprisonment, conviction, sentence or detention,” the statement stated.

According to Swiss law, the lower court’s judgment is considered ineffective until a final judgment by the highest adjudicating authority is enforced, with the presumption of innocence being paramount.

“The most serious charges, including human trafficking, against them were completely dismissed by the court yesterday,” the statement continued.

The spokesperson noted that no complainants remained in the case. Previous complainants testified in court that they were misled into signing statements they did not understand, and asserted that the Hinduja family treated them with “respect, dignity, and like family.”

The Hinduja family expressed full confidence in the Swiss judicial system and trust that the truth will ultimately prevail.

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