India’s Deadliest Train Disasters: A Look Back at 7 Tragedies

In a tragic incident near Darjeeling, West Bengal, a collision between two trains resulted in the deaths of at least 15 individuals. The Kanchanjunga Express, travelling from Assam to Kolkata, was struck from behind by a goods train at around 9 am. Among the victims were three railway staff members, including the goods train’s loco pilot.

This disaster underscores the critical necessity for enhanced railway safety measures in India. The collision occurred near the renowned hill station of Darjeeling, drawing attention to ongoing safety challenges within the nation’s rail network.

Historically, India has faced several devastating train accidents. Notable incidents include:

  1. Balasore Triple-Train Crash (2023): Approximately 300 deaths, over 1,000 injured.
  2. Indore-Patna Express Derailment (2016): At least 150 lives were lost near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  3. Jnaneswari Express Disaster (2010): 146 killed in a collision with a goods train in West Bengal.
  4. Rajdhani River Plunge (2002): Around 120 perished when the train fell into the Dhabi River.
  5. West Bengal Train Collision (1999): A collision between two trains caused at least 285 deaths.
  6. Ferozabad Train Collision (1995): Over 300 casualties when the Kalindi and Purushottam Express collided near Agra.
  7. 1998: The Sealdah Express collided with a derailed train in Punjab, killing approximately 210 individuals.

Authorities are still working to determine the final death toll in the Darjeeling accident.

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