Netanyahu Prepares For Ground War as Israeli Forces Enter North Gaza

Jerusalem: Israeli military forces carried out an overnight raid into Hamas-controlled Gaza, targeting multiple sites and then withdrawing to Israeli territory. This operation came shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared preparations for a ground war.

The Israel Defense Forces described the incursion as a “targeted raid” that hit terrorist cells, infrastructure, and anti-tank missile launch sites. They stated that it was part of the preparation for the next stages of the conflict.

In a nationally televised address, Netanyahu pledged to press ahead with plans for a ground war, vowing to “eliminate Hamas” and “bring our captives home.”

The conflict has escalated significantly, with Hamas’s attack on October 7 resulting in casualties on both sides. The death toll in Gaza has risen sharply, and there are concerns about the humanitarian situation in the region.

The international community, including U.S. President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, has called for protecting innocent civilians and following the laws of war. The situation remains volatile, with fears of a regional escalation as the conflict continues.

The Gaza Strip has seen extensive damage to infrastructure, hospitals struggling to cope with a surge in wounded patients, and a shortage of essential supplies, including fuel. Aid agencies have warned of dire consequences if medical facilities are unable to function.

The conflict has also spilled over to other areas, with incidents in Lebanon and the occupied West Bank. Iran, a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, has accused Israel of carrying out “genocide” in Gaza.

The situation remains fluid, with continued international efforts to address the crisis.

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