Hijab Allowed in Karnataka Recruitment Exams, Minister Clarifies After Backlash

Bengaluru: Karnataka Higher Education Minister MC Sudhakar has clarified that there is no ban on hijabs during recruitment exams for boards and corporations, despite the Karnataka Examination Authority’s (KEA) new dress code prohibiting all forms of head cover.

The KEA had implemented the dress code, citing concerns over cheating with Bluetooth devices, but faced criticism from various groups and politicians, including AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

Minister Sudhakar emphasized that the dress code is aimed at preventing malpractices and that hijabs, which do not cover the mouth, do not facilitate Bluetooth cheating. He clarified that the rules were being misinterpreted and that women candidates wearing hijabs would be allowed to take the exams, subject to early reporting and thorough frisking.

Sudhakar expressed confusion over the dissemination of incorrect information and defended the rules as not new but aimed at enhancing vigilance.

The announcement comes ahead of upcoming recruitment exams scheduled for November 18 and 19.

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