Mermaid like child born, everyone shocked…


New Delhi: A shocking case has come to light in the primary health center of Manpura, Pichore, Shivpuri, in which a child has been born. But this child is unusual. The child is just like a human in appearance. But its gender is difficult to guess. Apart from this, this child is looking like a mermaid or a water fish. The doctors along with the family are surprised to see this child. Presently the child’s treatment is going on.

A newborn was born with a congenital malformation last night at Manpura Primary Health Centre. Like the human infant of a newborn, the two hands and the head are all intact. But both the legs of the newborn were not fully developed. That’s why after the birth of the child, the doctors of the primary health center immediately referred the mother to Shivpuri district hospital, where the pediatrician doctor of the district hospital is keeping a special eye on the newborn.

The weight of the child is 1 kg 48 grams, which is less than normal. Along with this, there is no stool or urine gate in the newborn. The doctor said that in such cases, pregnant women do not get their tests done at the right time, due to which such incidents come to the fore. If the pregnant had done the test ahead of time, then the newborn developed in this way would not have been born. Although the health of the mother of the child is normal. There is no part below the waist of the newborn. At present, the child is admitted to the SNCU of the district hospital under the supervision of the doctor.

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