Murder Accused Kannada Actor Darshan’s Farmhouse Manager Commits Suicide

Bengaluru: The manager of Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa’s farmhouse in Bengaluru, identified as Sridhar died by suicide. In a video message recorded before his death, the manager claimed that he was suffering severe depression.

This video was found on his phone. In his video message, Sridhar requested the police not to entangle his family in any investigation into the case.

The actor Darshan is embroiled in a high-profile murder case involving a fan named Renuka Swamy. Darshan, along with actress Pavithra Gowda, who is said to be his girlfriend, and more than 15 others, are arrested in connection with Swamy’s murder.

Swamy was allegedly abducted from Karnataka’s Chitradurga and brought to Bengaluru, where he was reportedly tortured and murdered.

It is alleged that Darshan and his associates branded Swamy with a hot metal rod and subjected him to electric shocks because Swamy had sent obscene messages to Pavithra Gowda.

The police have seized Rs 15 lakh, believed to be paid by Darshan to his aides to admit their involvement in the murder.

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