No-Confidence Motion: Rahul Gandhi Leads Opposition Barrage Against Govt

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha session on Wednesday began with a ruckus amid sloganeering. Following it Lok Sabha was adjourned till 12 noon amid protest by the Opposition seeking the presence of PM Modi in the House.

When Lok Sabha reconvened, Rahul Gandhi rose to speak in support of the no-confidence motion. Initially he thanked the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for reinstating him as member.

“You can relax… won’t speak on Adani”,  with this he started his speech. “In my last speech in the House, I spoke about Adani. I might have hurt many people. So I apologise…today I want to tell my friends in the BJP that there is no reason to be scared as my main speech will not be around Adani. Yes, I will obviously throw some brickbats,” he said.

After that he started attacking PM Modi and the NDA government over the Manipur issue.

He alleged that the PM did not go to Manipur because he thinks Manipur is not in India.

“ You are sprinkling kerosene all over the country and then throwing a burning matchstick on it. You have done that in Manipur”, he allged.

He said, like Ravan who listened to only Meganad and Kumbhkaran, Modi only listens to Amit Shah and Adani.

According to Rahul Gandhi, the armed forces can restore peace in Manipur in one day. Yet the government is not using the armed forces.

He attacked by saying, “You have murdered Mother India in Manipur, you are not patriots, you are traitors”. To this, Minister Kiran Rijiju interjected and demanded apology from Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi added that the PM has split Manipur into two parts.

Following Rahul Gandhi, Minister Smriti Irani rose to speak against the no-confidence motion.


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