Pakistan Snubbed as Iranian President Remains Silent Over Kashmir

New Delhi: Iran President Ebrahim Raisi during his visit to Islamabad and meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz preferred to remain silent over the Kashmir issue.

The Pakistan PM’s efforts to secure Ebrahim Raisi’s support on Kashmir during their joint press conference drew no results. The Iran President’s silence over the Kashmir issue hinted that Iran wanted cordial relations with India. This is underscored by recent talks between India and Iran on Palestine, besides diplomatic and trade ties.

Iran President Raisi arrived in Islamabad Monday for a three-day visit. During their joint press conference, Shehbaz Sharif tried to link Iran’s stance on the situation in Gaza with that in Kashmir. Thanking President Raisi, Sharif said, “I thank you and the people of Iran for raising your voice for Kashmir.”

However, Raisi did not acknowledge the comment and refrained to speak anything on it during his own speech. He stressed on Iran’s support for those fighting against oppression, especially in Palestine.

His silence was a snub to Mr Sharif, who failed to secure Iran’s support on the India-Pakistan dispute.

The Iran President’s state visit to Pakistan comes months after Iran and Pakistan carried out retaliatory strikes against alleged terrorist hideouts on each other’s territories.

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