PM Modi Receives Russia’s Highest Civilian Honour Order Of St Andrew The Apostle

Moscow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday was ceremoniously awarded Russia’s highest civilian honour, the Order of St Andrew the Apostle the First-Called, during a special event held at St Catherine’s Hall in the Moscow Kremlin.

This prestigious honour, bestowed upon him by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019, recognizes PM Modi’s significant role in fostering a privileged strategic partnership between Russia and India, as well as promoting friendly relations between the two nations.

Expressing gratitude during the felicitation ceremony, Prime Minister Modi thanked President Putin for bestowing this esteemed award, emphasizing that he considers it a dedication to the people of India.

The Order of St Andrew, established in 1698 by Tsar Peter the Great in honour of Saint Andrew, is renowned for recognizing exceptional civilian or military merit.

The Russian Embassy in India had highlighted PM Modi’s contributions, tweeting in 2019 about his exceptional service in enhancing the strategic partnership and friendship between Russia and India.

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