First Phase of Grand Ram Temple Construction Set to Finish by December 30


Ayodhya: Chairman of the Ram Mandir Construction Committee, Nripendra Mishra, announced that the first phase of construction for the Grand Ram temple is expected to be completed by December 30 of this year. This development was shared during a media interaction in which Mishra outlined the construction plans.

The construction of the Ram temple is divided into three phases, with the first phase allowing devotees to enter the temple upon completion. As part of the first phase, the construction of five pavilions and various works on the ground floor will be finalized. Around 160 pillars have been incorporated into the construction of these pavilions, and the work of iconography within them is nearing completion.

The second floor of the temple is projected to be completed by December 30, 2024. Following a two-day meeting of the Ram Mandir Construction Committee, the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust confirmed that only a small amount of work remains, which will be concluded by September 15. Subsequently, the stones from Mirzapur will be utilized to raise the plinth, commencing by the end of October. By December 2023, the ground floor of the Ram temple will be established, and the idol of Ramlala will be installed.

In addition, Mishra emphasized that the temple’s first and second floors, including the outer perimeter (parkota), will be completed by December 30 of the following year. The idol installation will allow devotees to visit the temple by the end of this year. Mishra projected that the entire temple will be ready by December 2025.

During the meeting, there was a dedicated discussion on how to provide systematic darshan (sight) to the large number of devotees expected to visit Ayodhya, with over 500,000 Ram devotees attending the fair daily. Special attention will be given to ensuring a smooth darshan experience for all devotees, without any inconvenience.

Mishra revealed that the idol of Ramlala will be crafted in a manner that allows direct sunlight to fall on his brain. The portrayal of the Shyam character of Ramlala will involve using a stone with a sky blue and slightly grey colour. The team from the Ram Mandir Trust will conduct inspections in various locations to find suitable stones for this purpose.

The estimated cost of constructing the Ram temple is anticipated to range between Rs 1,400 crore and Rs 1,800 crore, with a minimum of Rs 300 crore allocated for the ground floor construction.

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