Sevayats Injured as Lord Balabhadra Slips on Charamala During Adapa Pahandi, CM Majhi & LoP Naveen Express Grief

Bhubaneswar: During the Adapa Bije Pahandi in Puri on Tuesday evening, Lord Balabhadara slipped on the ‘Charamala’. According to reports, some Daitapati servitors conducting the pahandi rituals were injured.

According to reports, some servitors’ legs slipped on the charamala following which the holy idol of Lord Balabhadra fell down on the servitors.

In no time the servitors brought Lord Balabhadra back to His normal position. Five injured servitors were shifted to the Puri District Headquarters Hospital for treatment.

Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi expressed grief over the incident and directed the Law Minister to visit the spot. The CM also wished speedy recovery of the servitors.

Along with Deputy CM Pravati Parida, the Law Minister Harichandan reached Puri and met the injured servitors at the hospital.

After meeting with the servitors, the Law Minister said that all the injured are safe by the blessings of God and all the rituals are going on normally.

Former Odisha CM and present leader of the opposition, Naveen Patnak expressed grief over the incident and said, “I am deeply saddened by the grief of Jagannath lovers and the people of Odisha after learning about the accident that took place at Bada Thakur’s Charamala during the tour of the Adapa mandap in Puri. We wish the injured sevayats a speedy recovery. It is a request to all that such a sensitive incident does not happen again. Jai Jagannath.”

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