Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Rescue Teams Drill 22 Metres To Reach Trapped Workers

Uttarkashi: In a tireless overnight effort, rescue workers at Silkyara tunnel have drilled up to 22 metres through the rubble, edging closer to the 40 trapped labourers after five days.

Authorities are optimistic about the rescue operation, stating that the trapped workers are safe and in good condition. They have been receiving food, oxygen, and medicines through air-compressed pipes, and rescuers are maintaining continuous communication with them to uphold their morale.

The goal is to drill up to 60 meters and insert 800mm and 900mm diameter pipes sequentially using a powerful auger drilling machine. These pipes will create an escape passage for the workers behind the collapsed tunnel section.

Rescue efforts have been expedited with the arrival of an American auger drilling machine from Delhi, which has a rubble penetration capacity of 70 meters. A dedicated team of 165 personnel from various agencies is working round-the-clock to bring the trapped workers to safety.

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