Remote & Hybrid Work Boosts Financial Performance for Indian Companies: Report

New Delhi: Hybrid work and AI are two of the most transformative trends shaping the employee experience in India. A recent report reveals that 97% of Indian companies have observed an improvement in their financial performance due to the adoption of hybrid work models. Additionally, 79% of organizations have increased their investments in mobility within the last two years as a result of these working trends.

About 50% of hybrid workers in India are now spending half of their workweek in the office. However, less than 57% of Indian companies are providing their employees with the necessary technology for effective hybrid work. This gap between the technology businesses provide and what employees require can lead to a negative employee experience.

AI is also playing a significant role in shaping the employee experience in India. Emerging technologies like AI have been identified as the primary enabler of future customer experience (CX) and EX strategies for Indian companies. AI can be used to automate tasks, improve collaboration, and provide personalized support to employees.

Despite the potential benefits of hybrid work and AI, there are some challenges that organizations need to address. One challenge is ensuring that all employees have access to the necessary technology and support. Another challenge is creating a hybrid work culture that is inclusive and equitable for all employees.

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