Indian Railways to Add 3000 More Trains by 2027 to Meet Increasing Number of Passengers

New Delhi: The Indian Railways has plans to add  3000 more passenger trains by 2027 to end passenger worries to get tickets.

Quoting a source close to the Indian Railways, India Today reported that roughly 3,000 trains are envisioned to be added to the existing trains by 2027. It will mean that in five years no one will be worried about being on a waiting list and will have a confirmed ticket.

The number of passenger trains run by the Indian Railways has increased from 10,186 in the pre-Covid era to 10,747 trains now.

The Indian Railways aims to increase the number of trains running per day to 13,000.

In the future old coach-based system in trains where coaches are attached to one another will be replaced by one ‘seamless train’ of 22 coaches. The coaches will be joined by the ‘semi-permanent couplers technology’.

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