Bengaluru Man Conned of ₹2.24 Cr by Cyber Fraudsters Posing as Delhi Customs Officials

Bengaluru: A 52-year-old software engineer from Bengaluru, Kumaraswamy Sivakumar, fell prey to cyber fraudsters and lost Rs 2.24 crore.

The fraudsters posed as Delhi Customs and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials to cheat the victim.

According to reports, the victim received a call on March 18 from a person who posed as an officer from Delhi customs. The gullible software engineer was told that a parcel consisting of 16 passports, 58 ATM cards, and 140 grams of Ecstacy tablets had been found sent to his name from Malaysia.

The call was then transferred to another man who posed as an officer of the NCB, and Sivakumar was asked to chat on Skype for further interaction.

The fraudsters then told Sivakumar to transfer money to them to remain out of legal hassles. The victim transferred Rs 2.23 crore in eight instalments between March 18 and 24 to accounts of the fraudsters. On April 5, Sivakumar came to know that he was cheated. He then filed a complaint with the Bengaluru Northeast Cyber Police Station.

Recently, a Bengaluru woman lawyer was cheated in similar manner and she lost Rs 15 lakh. She was forced to strip in front of a camera and the fraudsters threatened her to upload the videos on social media.

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