Couple Arrested For 24-year-Old Daughter’s Murder in Telangana

Hyderabad:  A couple allegedly murdered their mentally ill daughter in the Karimnagar district of Telangana. Police have arrested the parents of the victim, Chepyala Narsaiah (49) and his wife Yellavva (43) of Nerella in relation to this crime.

This couple killed their daughter Priyanka (24) and claimed it was a natural death.

The deceased with a 13-month-old son was suffering from a mental disorder for several years.

Frustrated over the fact that their daughter was not getting well even after treatment, the couple allegedly strangulated her with a rope while she was asleep at their house on May 14, said police officials.

They informed their son-in-law about her death and cremated her on May 15.

The villagers were suspicious over the woman’s death and lodged a complaint with the police. During police investigation, the couple confessed to the crime.

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