Odisha Sees Surge in Cybercrime: Over 2,300 Cases Reported in First Half of 2024

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has witnessed a concerning rise in cybercrime, with authorities registering at least 2,394 cases of cyber fraud in just the first six months of this year. This alarming trend translates to financial losses exceeding Rs 36 crore for victims across the state.

The figures were revealed by Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda on Thursday. He highlighted that cyber fraud incidents were not limited to Bhubaneswar but spanned various locations in Odisha.

Panda underlined positive strides made by the police in tackling this issue. Cops have successfully frozen nearly Rs 9.5 crore, out of which Rs 46 lakh has already been returned to defrauded individuals. Efforts are ongoing to recover the remaining stolen funds.

The Commissioner also shed light on the most prevalent methods used by cybercriminals. These include UPI fraud, social media scams, fake parcel delivery notifications, credit card delivery ruses, and phishing attempts disguised as SIM KYC messages.

Commendably, the Commissionerate Police have arrested 21 cyber fraudsters and presented them before the court. Notably, five of these individuals were identified as part of an interstate racket.

The reported cyber fraud cases primarily fall under two categories: digital arrest scams and investment fraud. Interestingly, digital arrest scams appear to be the more frequent type of cybercrime encountered in Odisha.

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