Karnataka Horror: 3 Men Kidnapped, Tortured with Electric Shock To Private Parts

Kalaburagi: In a disturbing incident that has sparked outrage, three car dealers were reportedly kidnapped and subjected to brutal torture, including electric shocks to their private parts in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi district.

Disturbing videos of the incident have gone viral on social media, showing the kidnappers administering electric shocks to the victims’ private parts while they were naked.

The Kalaburgi police have arrested seven individuals involved in the heinous crime. The accused have been identified as Imran Patel, Mohammad Matheen (alias Steel Matheen), Mohammad Zia Ul Hussain, Mohammad Afzal Sheik, Hussain Sheik, Ramesh, and Sagar. These perpetrators were part of a larger gang, prompting a search for the remaining members.

According to the victims’ complaint filed on May 5, they were abducted on May 4 under the pretext of inspecting a second-hand car presented by the accused. Held captive in an isolated location, the victims endured physical assault with sticks and were coerced for money. The torment escalated as the accused demanded additional funds.

The police have initiated a thorough investigation into this horrifying incident, aiming to bring all involved parties to justice.

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