Pakistani YouTuber Shot Dead by Security Guard Over T20 World Cup Coverage

Karachi: A Pakistani YouTuber was killed after being shot by a security guard in Karachi’s mobile market on Sunday.

The incident occurred as the YouTuber, identified as Saad Ahmed, was covering the build-up for the highly anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 match between arch-rivals India and Pakistan.

Ahmed approached a security guard for an interview, seeking to include diverse perspectives in his vlog. Despite the guard’s reluctance to be filmed, Ahmed persisted, leading to a confrontation. The guard, in a fit of rage, opened fire at Ahmed, who succumbed to his injuries upon arrival at the hospital.

Ahmed, described as the primary provider for his family, leaves behind a grieving circle of friends and loved ones. The tragic event has led to the arrest of the guard, as confirmed by local police.

In a statement on Instagram, the guard admitted to losing his temper due to Ahmed’s persistent filming. The incident, captured on CCTV, serves as a grim reminder of the risks journalists face in pursuit of their work.

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