Testicles Crushed, Ear Cut Off, Face Eaten by Dogs; Chilling Details of Darshan Case Victim

Bengaluru: Chilling details are coming out in the murder case of 33-year-old Renuka Dwamy. He was allegedly tortured and killed by Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa, co-star Pavithra Gowda, and some associates.

According to the police investigation, Renuka Swamy was tied up, beaten with sticks and was given electric shocks. His postmortem reports says that he died due to “shock haemorrhage as a result of multiple blunt injuries.”

The victim’s testicles were ruptured and one of his ears was missing. His body was found in a drain in Bengaluru on June 9. Half of his face was eaten up by dogs.

It is alleged that actors Darshan and Pavithra conspired to murder Renuka Swamy after he made lewd comments about Pavithra Gowda on social media. He was allegedly abducted on June 8 from Chitradurga on the instructions of Darshan, and was taken to a shed in Bengaluru, where he was allegedly tortured and killed, according to the police remand copy.

The two actors hired four men to take the blame for the murder. While two of them were paid Rs 5 lakh for submitting false confessions, two other men were promised the same amount for going to jail. Darshan also allegedly paid Rs 30 lakh cash to one Pradosh for disposing of the body.

But the men, who had surrendered as per their plan of the actors, confessed during interrogation that the actors were behind the murder, the police said.

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