Rs 65 Cr Fees Collected Illegally by 10 Schools in MP Ordered to be Returned

Bhopal: The district authorities in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur have ordered ten private schools to refund about Rs 65 crore charged extra as tuition fees from more than 81,000 students over seven academic sessions.

Violating the law, these schools hiked tuition fees. The district-level committee set up under the Madhya Pradesh Niji Vidyalaya (Fees Tatha Sambandhit Vishayon Ka Viniyaman) Adhiniyam, 2017, examined the accounts of these schools and found them to be charging extra fees from students.

The authorities found that these ten schools collected Rs 64.58 crore from 81,117 students between 2018-19 and 2024-25 by increasing the tuition fees illegally.

Notices were issued to the concerned schools on Tuesday asking them to refund the illegally collected fees.

Eleven FIRs were filed on May 27 against the school managements and some bookshop owners for allegedly illegally raising fees and textbook prices.

As per the rules in Madhya Pradesh, a school has to get the approval of the district administration if it wants to increase the fees by more than 10 per cent. If the proposed hike is beyond 15 per cent, the school has to seek the approval of a committee set up by the state government.

Some of these schools hiked fees by more than 10 per cent or by over 15 per cent without the approval of the appropriate authorities.

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