Students of Kerala School Wear Crumpled Uniform on “No Ironing Day” on Wednesdays to Save Energy

Thiruvananthapuram: In a unique move, the Darunnajath Higher Secondary School at Mannarkkad in the Palakkad district of Kerala has designated Wednesdays as “No Ironing Day”, encouraging around 4,000 students and staff to attend classes in wrinkled clothes in an effort to save energy and raise awareness about the importance of reducing power consumption, reported The Telegraph.

The school has collaborated with the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) to devise the programme.

The initiative encourages students to attend classes wearing wrinkled clothes, symbolising a conscious effort to save energy used for ironing. As part of the project, the students have been provided with handbooks to track energy savings at home.

The top 10 domestic energy-saving examples by students, as entered in the handbook and supported by the monthly power bills, would be rewarded with prizes.

It has been calculated that almost everyone, including students, iron their clothes every day for about 15 minutes each. An iron of 1,500 watt consumes 1.5 units of power in 15 minutes. If you take 4,000 students and staff, it translates to about 6,000 units per day.


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