‘Remove Urvashi, save Rishabh!’


Cricket lovers cannot easily accept that the Indian team was defeated by the neighboring team Pakistan in a cricket match in the Asia Cup. Some people have taken to social media to express their anger by taunting certain cricketers, while others are trying to soothe the pain of defeat with funny memes.

Surprisingly, after Sunday’s match, the person most ridiculed on social media was not a cricketer. She is model-actress Urvashi Rautela. Urvashi was present in the audience gallery at the second India-Pakistan match at the Dubai International Stadium.

It may be recalled that in the recent past, everyone has witnessed several fights between Urvashi and Rishabh on social media. It is assumed that the Cold War is still going on. So when Rishabh Pant got out for only 14 runs in the said match, some fans started blaming Urvashi’s presence. One tweeted: ‘Sister, your career is not going well, at least let Rishabh Pant play well.’ Another took it up and coined a slogan: ‘Remove Urvashi, save Rishabh.’ Similarly, with a smiling photo of Urvashi, one wrote: ‘The happiest person in the stadium after Rishabh’s wicket fell.’ The Urvashi-Rishabh feud started when Urvashi said in an interview that once Rishabh waited for a night to meet her. After Rishabh refuted this, Urvashi directly attacked him by calling him ‘Chhota bhaiya’. Since then, the struggle has continued. Now it remains to be seen if the cricket lovers will make such a joke and their quarrel will become more intense or calm down.

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