Samantha Gets Candid On Her Myositis Diagnosis; Says ‘I Have No Control Over My Look’

New Delhi: Samantha has opened up about her Myositis diagnosis. The actress said that she had been through a lot of struggles but this diagnosis was the final breaking of shackles.

In an interview, Samantha also spoke about the side effects of the medication on her body. She revealed that she had lost control over her look. And every day when she woke up, she had pins and needles in her eyes.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Samantha spoke about the side effects of the medication. The actress said, “One day I was puffy, one day I am sick, one day I have no control over my look. So, this was a final shackle to be broken as an actor. You know, your eyes, the medium to express emotions and everyday I wake up with pins and needles in my eyes. Everyday I go through this pain.”

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