South Korea Bans Music Video Praising Kim Jong Un as “Friendly Father”, “Great Leader”

South Korean government has banned a North Korean propaganda music video praising Kim Jong Un as a “friendly father” and “great leader”, reported BBC.

The viral clip of the music video praising the North Korean dictator gained popularity on TikTok since its release in April. Seoul’s media regulator allegedly that this music video was a breach of the National Security Act of South Korea.

The North Korean propaganda song became popular because of its bright-tempo and catchy tune. Its lyric says, “Let’s sing Kim Jong Un, the great leader/ Let’s brag about Kim Jong Un, our friendly father.”

Notably, the National Security Act of South Korea bars exposure to the attempts of Kim Jong-Un’s regime to “praise, incite or propagate” its operations by blocking access to North Korean media and official websites. Any violation of the act can lead to up to seven years in jail.

Seoul’s Korea Communications Standards Commission said that the video glorifying Kim is typical content linked to psychological warfare against South Korea. They said that this decision was taken after a request from the National Intelligence Service of South Korea.

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