Biggest reason for terrible pain in joints, pay attention to dinner


Many times people have problems with joint pain, swelling in the feet, and burning sensation. But people do not understand the reason for this pain and start ignoring it. This problem starts due to the increase of uric acid in the body.

Due to this the risk of getting gout increases. Due to increased uric acid in the body, there is also a risk of all diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and thyroid. Normally 3.5 to 7.2 milligrams per deciliter of uric acid should be present in the body. On the other hand, if uric acid is more than this in the body, then it starts accumulating in the form of crystals in the joints, due to which there is a problem of pain.

There are some main reasons for the increase in uric acid in the body. You can include some things in your diet to control uric acid. When you include things rich in purine in the food, then uric acid starts increasing rapidly. Let us tell you that uric acid is a toxin that is formed in the body after our food is digested. After this, the kidneys filter these toxins and expel them through urine. At the same time, when these toxins are not able to get out of the body, then they start accumulating in the joints and this causes pain.

Consuming these things at night will reduce uric acid in the body

Do not drink alcohol at night- If you are troubled by the problem of uric acid, then avoid drinking alcohol or any type of tobacco-containing thing at night. Consumption of alcohol rapidly increases the level of uric acid in the body. Drinking more and more water at night will dilute the urine and remove extra uric acid from the body.

Do not eat sweet things at night- If you eat sweet things at dinner, then it can cause hyperuricemia. Therefore, avoid the consumption of sweet drinks at dinner. Sweet things can increase your trouble. This can lead to the problem of gout.

Do not eat lentils at night- If uric acid remains high in your body, then do not eat lentils for dinner at all. Let us tell you that the amount of protein in lentils is high, due to which more energy is produced in the body. Therefore, people suffering from uric acid should not eat pulses at night.

Do not eat meat for dinner- People with high uric acid in the body should not consume mutton or chicken for dinner. Avoid eating things like red meat, organ meat, minced meat, and seafood. Uric acid increases rapidly due to this type of food.

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