If women become mothers at this age, the child will be more intelligent; do you know the reason for this?

Every woman thinks a lot about her child. They think how their child will be more intelligent. But parents are marrying off their daughters at the age of 21. And after one year of marriage, they are giving birth to a child. But those children are facing many problems.

So today we will know about the right time for girls to get married and the right time to have children. According to a research, the right age for girls to get married is 30 years, but the risk of cervical cancer in these girls is high. Also, if women give birth at this age, they child becomes very intelligent and fresh. Women at this age are fully self-sufficient and settled on their own.

On the other hand, children born from the wombs of girls married at a young age are sick. And they have to face many health problems. So to have a healthy and intelligent child, every woman should give birth around the age of 30 years.

At this age, mothers have a positive influence on their children. Children become healthy and intelligent. So don’t make your future generations sick by getting married and having children too soon.

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