‘Smoky Paan’ Creates Hole in Girl’s Stomach, Has to Undergo Surgery

Bengaluru: A 12-year-old girl from Bengaluru had to undergo a gastro surgery after she consumed the popular ‘smoky paan’, reported The Times of India.

The girl initially developed severe stomach pain after consuming a ‘Smoky Paan’ that contains liquid nitrogen. Later doctors found that she had developed a hole in her stomach and she had to undergo surgery to heal it.

According to the report, the girl consumed a ‘smoky paan’ at a street food joint in Bengaluru. She felt discomfort soon after eating it and it later she suffered severe stomach pain. After medical check-up, doctors found that she had developed perforation peritonitis-a hole in her stomach and told her that only Intra-op OGD scopy could save her from further complications.

Intra-op OGD scopy is a procedure where, a flexible tube with a camera and light, are used during surgery to examine the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum-the first part of the small intestine.

Liquid nitrogen is mostly used in sizzlers at restaurants to give food or a drink a smoky appearance. There have been a few instances in the past where people have suffered after consuming liquid nitrogen-infused food.

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