Surprising Benefits of touching feet of elder

Mythologically touching feet is termed as a good thing, but do know touching feet can also help us keep our body fit scientifically. Let's know the reason behind it


In Sanatan Dharma, a person of our age is greeted with folded hands and a person older than himself is saluted by touching his feet. They salute and receive blessings from them. Guests also take blessings by touching the feet of their elders. Children are taught this in childhood. When the risk of covid infection was increasing, then the whole world adopted the method of salutation by Indian culture. Even in time, people greet each other with folded hands and bow to the feet of elders, not only do they get blessings, but they also get relief from back pain, as well as the person, gets strength, intelligence, happiness, and prosperity. Today we will tell you about the benefits of Charan Sparsh.

If you have been troubled by a back problem for a long time, then worship your parents by touching their feet every morning. The inclination is born, as well as the blood circulation in the body is correct, if the scriptures are to be believed, then touching the feet of the parents daily brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in the life of a person.

Touching the feet of elders helps in proper blood circulation in the upper part of the waist, it helps in removing the problem of skin and hair, for this one must touch the feet of the parents in the morning and get blessings in yoga. It is called prostration, a kind of yoga.

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