Symptoms before heart attack


The kind of environment in which we are living today, it is not known when which disease or health problem can make us a victim. Diabetes, high BP and heart attack at an early age have become common. Weather, increasing pollution and disturbed lifestyle can be the main reasons behind this. People harm their health in many ways. They eat the wrong things and go to sleep and wake up at any time. All these things are a sign of a spoiled lifestyle. For this reason, the sudden occurrence of diseases is also decided. Here we are going to tell you about some such signs, which indicate the arrival of heart attack. Know that pain in these parts of the body can be a sign of a heart attack.

Poor digestion

Due to a mistake in the diet, the digestive system starts to weaken. In such a situation, problems like nervousness and gas formation start happening. This can cause pain in any part of the body and it can be overwhelming to ignore. Experts say that if this problem persists continuously, then it can lead to heart attack. Exercise daily to get rid of gas problem.

Back pain

If you are feeling back pain in the body and this problem persists continuously, then it can also be a sign of heart attack. Work is also affected due to back pain. If you have frequent back pain, you should immediately contact the doctor.

Chest pain

It is considered the biggest sign of heart attack. It has been seen that people ignore chest pain as gas pain and this mistake can prove to be fatal. Apart from chest pain, nervousness and sweating are also signs of a heart attack.

Keep these things in mind

If you smoke or consume alcohol more, then change this habit from today itself. Apart from this, you should also reduce the consumption of junk food in the market. This type of food can increase the level of bad cholesterol in the arteries and cause problems in blood flow. Follow a healthy routine from now to avoid heart diseases.

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