TATA Memorial Hospital made breast cancer injections! Price is surprising…


New Delhi: The cases of breast cancer are increasing all over the world. Women are susceptible to it. Many people are dying due to breast cancer. The injection has been prepared by Tata Memorial Hospital to save women from this terrible cancer. It is effective in saving women from breast cancer.

A single dose of the said injection can prevent breast cancer cells. However, the best thing is that the price of this injection is only between 30 and 40 rupees. It appears to be a boon for breast cancer patients. In 2011, Tata Memorial Hospital started new research for the treatment of breast cancer patients.

Twenty doctors from 11 cancer centers were involved in this study. Only Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai had 10 doctors. Research on the treatment method of this research continued for nearly 11 years. About 1,600 women between the ages of 30 and 70 were selected for this study. Half of the women underwent breast cancer surgery and the others underwent injection surgery. All the women were then followed regularly for 6 years. However, 30 percent of patients improved with the injection. So it was clear that this injection was successful in preventing breast cancer.

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