11,300 Dead, 10,100 Missing in Flood-Hit Libyan City of Derna

Over 10,100 people are still missing as the official death toll rose to 11,300 in flood-stricken Derna city of Libya. Search teams are still looking for bodies in the mud and wrecked buildings of the city.

The disaster struck Derna city when two dams collapsed in heavy rains caused by Mediterranean storm Daniel, and a massive flood flooded the Mediterranean city early on Monday.

Relief efforts have been slowed as several bridges that connect the city were destroyed.

The Libyan Red Crescent said as of Thursday that 11,300 people in Derna had died and another 10,100 were reported missing. Around 170 people were killed elsewhere in the country.

The bodies recovered in Derna are being buried in mass graves outside the city and nearby towns.

Soon after the storm hit the city on Sunday night, residents said they heard loud explosions when the dams outside the city collapsed.





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