BTS’ Jimin Receives Death threats from Anonymous Account


Seoul: World’s most famous boy band group BTS member Jimin is once again receiving death threats from an anonymous user on social media and has caused the ARMY to worry. The fanbase is quite protective of the members of the group as they love them a lot.

Previously, along with Jiminshii, it was Taehyung who received death threats. Another anonymous account posted the threats with pictures of guns and said that the members have only time till their upcoming concert in Busan.

Now, new life threats against Jimin have come in. An account that goes by the name vkookv_123 posted a story that gave a death threat to the BTS member. “When you go to the concert, I hope you hurt Jimin or his father,” the person wrote. They accused the Bangtan Boys member of being an “obstacle” and alleged that Jungkook doesn’t like him and likes Taehyung aka V.

This death threat has created a rage in ARMY as Jimin is said to be the kindest of the group. The popularity of the group is very huge and loved by all. In such a situation, such threats are quite unacceptable.

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