China’s missile strikes and 100 fighter jets were fired at Taiwan, the President said


New Delhi: There has been a fierce war between Russia and Ukraine for the past few months. Thousands of Children have also died in this war. Due to the war between the two countries, the economy of the world has been severely affected. Now, while the people of the world are worried about this war, the fight between China and Taiwan has started, for which everyone is blamed.

The conflict between China and Taiwan is getting worse day by day. China has fired 100 fighter jets to scare Taiwan. So no one can tell when that will happen.

Zhang Junshe, a researcher working at the Naval research Academy of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), told the Chinese media Global Times, “The army will hold large-scale drills from Thursday to Sunday.” A nuclear submarine will also be tested by China in this exercise. All theater commands will participate in this exercise. It means that China will train a large army. It is a warning to Taiwan.

China is threatening Taiwan. But Taiwan is also ready for the fight. China is not in a position to surrender easily. To protect their country, they have taken massive measures. The President of Taiwan said in a statement, “China is currently conducting military exercises in the vicinity of Taiwan.” He appealed that Beijing is working for moderation. Taiwan does not want to escalate the conflict, but will take step to protect the democracy.

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