Major Blow to Hamas: 3 Top Operatives Killed in Israeli Airstrike

Jerusalem: In an operation early on Friday, Israeli fighter jets targeted three high-ranking operatives of the Daraj Tuffah Battalion, a major unit within the Hamas terrorist organization. These operatives were identified as playing a crucial role in the invasion and deadly attack against Israel that occurred on October 7. The Daraj Tuffah Battalion is a part of the Gaza City Brigade, considered one of the most significant units within Hamas.

The Israeli Defense Forces announced the operation on their official X account, stating, “IDF fighter jets struck 3 senior Hamas operatives in the Daraj Tuffah Battalion. The battalion’s operatives played a significant role in the invasion and murderous attack against Israel on October 7 and is considered to be the most significant brigade of the Hamas terrorist organization.”

The precise intelligence for this operation was provided by the Israel Security Agency Shin Bet. This development followed the previous day’s aerial strike, which resulted in the death of Shadi Barud, the deputy head of Hamas’s intelligence directorate. Barud was reportedly involved in planning the October 7 attack on Israel.

In response to escalating tensions, Israeli forces conducted their most extensive ground attack in Gaza as part of their ongoing conflict with Hamas. While Israel considered a full ground invasion, international calls, including from the United States, urged caution to prevent further hostilities in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, warned of a potential shutdown of operations in Gaza due to the urgent need for shelter, water, food, and medical services. UNRWA cited a lack of fuel reaching the Hamas-ruled territory, with allegations that Hamas was holding significant fuel reserves that could be used for essential purposes.

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