Israeli Forces Find Copy Of Hitler’s Book in Hamas-Used Children’s Room, Warn of Rising Antisemitism

Jerusalem: Israeli military personnel found an Arabic copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in a children’s room in northern Gaza used by Hamas operatives.

The IDF, on X (formerly Twitter), highlighted the find, stating, “Antisemitism kills,” and noted that the book contained marked sections and personal notes by a Hamas operative. Israeli President Isaac Herzog, in a BBC interview, emphasized the book’s use for studying Hitler’s ideology, expressing concerns about the real threat posed.

The official statement from Herzog’s office underscored the connection between the discovery and the October 7 Hamas attack, describing it as another revelation of Hamas’s inspirations and equating their goals with the Nazis – the destruction of Jews. “Mein Kampf,” originally published in 1925, promotes key components of Nazism.

As the conflict in Gaza persists, with Israel responding to the October 7 attack, casualties on both sides continue to rise. Israeli officials report around 1,200 deaths, mostly civilians, and nearly 240 hostages. In Gaza, health officials report over 11,100 deaths, primarily civilians, amid the ongoing hostilities.

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