Jin promises ARMY to return soon with ‘Good Content’


Seoul: BTS’ Jin might seem as if he is all about swag and confidence, but true ARMY knows that the vocalist is quite introverted and is rather uncomfortable in crowds. Quite often, he forgets that he is a K-Pop superstar and wonders how to handle celebrities. Recently, in a new Bangtan Bomb, a nervous Jin practices conversation with actors at the movie premier of Emergency Declaration, which had released earlier this year. Earlier, fans had also seen Jin sidling into the room and being led by the hand around the room by lead actor Kim Nam-Gil. Now, in the new video, the singer explained that he was actually sweating throughout and that it is always difficult for him to start a conversation with people he has just met.

Before going to the photo wall, Jin frantically practices all the heart poses he knows. When he’s called, he goes amid loud cheering and poses for the cameras, nervously. “I can’t see, I didn’t know the flashes were so bright,” he says after leaving the room. He insists the whole photo-taking experience took long, though everyone around him says that it was rather short. As he leaves the venue he expresses his gratitude to the fans. “Even though it was so unfamiliar to be up there, [thanks to the fans] I felt at ease. It was so great to see you.”


While the band members have taken a step back from collectively making music, they are busy with their promotions. RM had earlier hinted that his solo album will be out at the end of the year, and Jimin’s photos at the recording studio have gone viral. Meanwhile, J-Hope just released his latest track, Rush Hour, in collaboration with Crush.

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