Maine Massacre: Gunman Kills 22, Leaves Dozens Injured in US Tragedy

Maine (US): At least 22 people were killed and nearly 60 were injured in a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night.

The suspect responsible for this horrific act was identified as Robert Card, a former firearms instructor in the US Army Reserve, who had recently been discharged from a mental health facility due to reported hallucinations. The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office shared images of the suspect brandishing a rifle in a firing position on their Facebook page, noting that he was still at large.

Multiple shooting incidents unfolded across Lewiston, including a bowling alley, a restaurant, and a Walmart distribution centre. As a response, the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston declared a “mass casualty, mass shooter event” and coordinated efforts with neighbouring hospitals to treat the victims.

Maine State Police took swift action, ordering residents in the city to shelter in place as they received reports of an active shooter situation occurring simultaneously at various locations. They also urged people to stay off the roads to ensure that emergency responders had unimpeded access to hospitals.

Lewiston, located about 35 miles north of Maine’s largest city, Portland, found itself at the centre of this tragic and alarming incident.

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