Moon mission postponed again


New Delhi: NASA’s Moon mission has been suspended again. Artemis-1 failed to launch due to mechanical failure. Preparations were made for re-launching the Moon mission yesterday. However, it was postponed again due to a fuel leak problem in the engine. However, once again, no information has been given by NASA on when it will be launched. But the scientists are said to solve the problem of fuel leakage in the engine.

Man is going to set foot on the moon again after 50 years. For this, NASA will send the first test flight to space with the help of the out Artemis-1 mission. The moon mission was to be launched on the last 29th. The launch was delayed at the last minute due to a fuel leak in the rocket. At the last minute, the Space Launch System, or SLS rocket, experienced a problem in the process of filling it with cold hydrogen and oxygen. As a result, explosive hydrogen leaked from the rocket’s core stage. After which a decision has been taken to postpone the launch.

The rocket is fueled with super-cold hydrogen and oxygen. But due to the leak, this work has been stopped. One of the four main engines on the rocket could not be fully cooled, causing problems for NASA.

Artemis-1 is NASA’s most important mission since the Mars Perseverance rover. NASA plans to send the Orion spacecraft to the Moon by a Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. This will allow humans to be sent to the south pole of the Moon from this spaceship in the future. This mission is 42 days 3 hours 20 minutes. In which the Orion spacecraft will return to Earth after two rounds of the Moon.

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