North Korea Sending Balloons With Excreta, Trash Across Border, Alleges South Korea

South Korea on Wednesday alleged that North Korea is sending a large number of balloons across the border to drop filthy objects including trash and excreta.

South Korea issued a warning to residents to keep away from them and report any sightings to authorities. By Wednesday afternoon, more than 260 balloons had been detected, and most of them landed on the ground in South Korea.

South Korea’s military’s explosives ordnance unit and chemical and biological warfare response team were deployed to inspect and collect the objects.

Photographs released by the South Korean military showed inflated balloons with plastic bags tied to them. Some images showed trash strewn around collapsed balloons. The word “excrement” was written on a bag in one photograph.

Some of the balloons contained animal faeces, reported Yonhap news agency.

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