Queen Elizabeth’s secret to longevity turned out to be very simple routine


London: Queen Elizabeth II was one of the longest reigning monarchs in the world. She ruled many countries of the world including Britain for more than 70 years. Even at the time of her death, Queen Elizabeth was the Empress of 15 countries. Queen passed away at the age of 96.

Even at this age, he was very active. He recently appointed the UK Prime Minister. So let us know the secret of the life for which she lived for so long.

Although Elizabeth II became the Queen of Great Britain, her style of living was very elegant. She was firm in her routine. A healthy diet, regular exercise, going to bed at the right time, and waking up early was part of her routine. She didn’t exercise much regularly. However, she used to do certain tasks regularly, through which she could complete his daily exercise. She regularly went to bed before 11 pm and was out of bed by 7 am. This was her life.

Queen Elizabeth’s chef Darren McGrady has written a book about his time at the palace. He recounted his 15-year-long life experience in the book ‘Eating Royale: Recipes and Recollections from a Palace Kitchen’. Queen Elizabeth never counted calories. She eats what she likes, but she doesn’t like very thick and greasy food. She starts her day with whole grains or sometimes yogurt. She eats 4 times a day. They have breakfast once in the morning, lunch and then tea, and dinner at night.

The Queen likes spinach and grilled fish for lunch. Sometimes she eats low-carb grilled chicken with a salad. At noon, the Queen eats jam and toast with tea. The Queen loves chocolate biscuits, cakes, and dark chocolate. Potatoes, pasta, and rice were never on the Queen’s diet. At night, she likes to eat garlic steak with his friend.

Queen Elizabeth did not exercise. She had a prescribed yoga that she did daily. Queen used to love being close to nature. She always takes the dog with her. It was this daily life that gave her a long life. It was her habit to go to bed before 11 pm and wake up at 7 am.

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