Second Launch Attempt Of NASA’s Artemis-1 Scrubbed Due To Fuel Leak


The second attempt NASA’s Artemis 1 was also called off hours before the launch window opened on Saturday.

This time due to a leak that developed in the supply side of the eight-inch quick disconnect. Engineers tried to fix the issue but the leak remained.

“Engineers are continuing troubleshooting efforts to address a liquid hydrogen leak in a cavity in the quick disconnect where the flight side and ground side plates join. They once again will attempt to warm up the quick disconnect to try to reset the seal,” Nasa said in an update before scrubbing the launch.

The leak was not the same as was detected on Monday. They had, on Monday, noticed a hydrogen leak on a component of the tail service mast umbilical quick disconnect, called the purge can, and managed the leak by manually adjusting propellant flow rates.

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