Super Typhoon on it ways!


Tokyo: This year Japan is going to face the strongest cyclone so far, which has been suspected to be very dangerous. According to Japan’s Meteorological department, it is expected to reach the main island of Okinawa on Wednesday. Even the wind will blow at a speed of 198 km per hour. It is moving at a speed of 270 km/h.

The Japan Meteorological Department estimates that typhoon ‘Hinamonor’ will cause severe damage in some areas of Okinawa in southwestern Japan. It is expected to reach the prefecture’s main island this weekend.

Wind speed will increase further for Okinawa and Sakishima islands till Thursday. The typhoon is expected to settle over the sea south of Okinawa on Friday and move northward to approach the prefecture again. It is worth noting that in October 2019, a typhoon named ‘Hagibis’ caused a lot of destruction in Japan. Many people died due to this storm. The storm had winds of 216 km per hour.

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