The train and its passengers disappeared in a mysterious way!


Rome: A world full of mystery and adventure. A mysterious incident like this happened in Rome, Italy. In 1911, a train carrying 106 people suddenly disappeared after entering the tunnel. The train left from the station called Genetti. To reach the next station it had to pass through a tunnel.

But it was lost somewhere in the mud. 2 people were found alive in this incident. According to them, smoke started coming out before the train entered the tunnel. The above 2 persons jumped from the train due to fear.

The train was found in Mexico after a long time. Scientists are still unable to reveal its secret. The biggest thing is that there was no train service from Rome to Mexico at that time. According to others, 104 insane people were rescued from a train in Mexico. This mysterious train was later seen in Russia, Germany, and Romania by local people. However, the mystery behind the disappearance of this mysterious train is still unknown.

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